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Chairman welcoming remarks

Welcome you to join Thailand and Germany Group. From now on, you are already a member of one of China's largest rice cracker manufacturers. For our business, you and the customer is our greatest wealth, to have your join our business will be more prosperity.
German Group is a symbol of quality, the embodiment of all our promises, acts and products are German quality, customer satisfaction is our most important quality criteria, so that the customer is our duty we are confident. Our commitment to product and customer requirements and the agreement is consistent with the provision. The delivery of the product to respond to future service has to promote.
You were chosen because we believe you have potential and are willing to meet our high standards. At the same time, you - a staff, we have the following obligations:
treat you with respect.
sure that your job responsibilities is clearly defined.
◎ Provide an open, two-way communication channels, and frankly to answer your questions.
appropriate reward for your dedication and excellent performance.
Our management expertise and a sound regulatory framework to achieve the above objectives.
Starting today, you will step into the green a business philosophy of "integrity, efficiency, quality, and dedication," the quality of health food production enterprises, and customer satisfaction from you and the common progress of the enterprise, which wholly depends on your attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and talent. We will work together to make joint efforts for the large group of German and my better tomorrow!
Our employee handbook will help you understand the policies, procedures and benefits Tak. I hope you can work and feel he is one of the collective. In fact, this is your business, we continue to - your own personal success and our overall success - you have an important responsibility. Proud of your work and the development of enterprises it! Because our business is a growing company, is constantly ahead and open up. As your progress, we know that we will work together to share the pride and satisfaction as one of the German large group family.

 Chokchai Sae-Tern