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     Xiamen deda food Co., LTD is Thailand deda group's solely invested enterprise, the total investment of more than us $3000, in the reputation is "international garden city" of xiamen fang lake of industrial zone has a eighteen thousand square meters of modern production factory, the company has more than 600 employees, day 25 tons of production, the annual production value amount to more than 30 million dollars.

      Since 96, the production of food items that can be sold overseas, after several decades products and goodwill got greatly enhanced and the affirmation, German adult, deda quality such as end as. The beginning of foundation deda such as all the entrepreneurs has only established as the difficulties, the export department colleagues over from scratch, every little bit over the food with goodwill around the world, let deda food from nobody to today's expansion of glory, and to this day no one knows from the bustling, we finally realize customer himself under the situation of the order.

       German adult all say every successful step one step, look back to myself that deep foot-prints, enjoy the joy of success at the same time feel burden and heavier, and the adults bearing the shoulders, because too many people's expectations, getting too much trust. But no matter how, Germany's adult heart there was a fair scale, the goodwill and public welfare in between, between gains and pay, profit and output of the balance between careful management.