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Germany large companies of continuous development and innovation
Thailand and Germany, the Group is one of the world's largest rice cracker production base. Xiamen Tak Food Co., Ltd. Danyang Germany Food Co., Ltd. was established in China since 1996 has.
Through advanced technology, excellent quality, products and services to meet the needs of individual users, Thailand and Germany in mainland China, the production rate of more than 20% increments.
Xiamen Germany Food Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprises in Thailand and Germany Group, with total investment of over $ 30 million in the reputation of the "International Garden City"

         Xiamen Fanghu Industrial Zone, built some 18,000 square meters of modern production plant The company has more than 600 employees, production capacity of 25 tons, annual output value of more than 30 million U.S. dollars.The Danyang Germany Food Co., Ltd., located in the Jiangsu Danyang has a "green land of plenty" good reputation, relying on its natural geographic advantages, the selection of high quality rice processed, a steady stream of input to the world. Construction companies carried out in two phases, a construction investment of five million U.S. dollars, covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, with a set of advanced production equipment, more than 200 employees, the daily production capacity of 25 tons, was put into operation by the end of 2003. Two to invest $ 30 million, covers an area of ​​73 acres, with a daily output of 100 tons, was put into operation in 2005.
Xin De Large (Xiamen) Foods Co., Ltd. is located in the Tong'an light food Industrial Park, covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters, construction area of ​​60,000 square meters. Thailand and Germany Group in China, a wholly-owned investment enterprise. The total project investment of about $ 20 million. This project in three phases to the construction of a building area of ​​35,000 square meters, covering a total of three factory buildings, including One plant mainly produces rice crackers; II plant production of beans, fruit, shellfish, etc.; III plant production of chocolate. biscuits. Two construction area of ​​10,000 square meters, brought together in Japan and South Korea's well-known experts. Three building area of ​​15,000 square meters. Will become the subsequent development of business protection.
Germany more than (Xiamen) Foods Co., Ltd. is located the Tong'an light food Industrial Park, is one of Thailand's Tak Group in China, a wholly-owned investment. To accelerate the development of the Chinese domestic market, more companies in Germany came into being, has now become the largest rice cracker circulation enterprises, and a solid step for Thailand and Germany in the China market's strategic layout.

With strong development capacity
  After continuous development, the formation of the development, manufacturing, management, and sales of a new modern enterprise. The company has a large number of high-quality food at home and abroad professional and technical personnel, the Japanese rice crackers experts employed by the Group annual R & D and quality management in domestic factories. R & D center with advanced analytical and testing equipment purchased from Japan each year are R & D staff to the country's state-of-the-art rice cracker factory in Japan, Thailand and other exchanges, making the development center on the device or on the quality of personnel to maintain its leading position in .
Advanced production management system
The company invested heavily to introduce Japanese OYAMA set of advanced production equipment and technology, has laid a good foundation for innovation, the introduction of higher quality products. In the same industry in the country took the lead through the ISO9001: 2000 and HACCP international certification, the scientific quality management system runs throughout the production cycle the whole story. The company also achieved KOSHER certification, (Judah certification). Thailand and Germany a large group to send a management team, strict quality control, scientific management system and strong development capability, Tak food reached the top international level.
Product advantages
Germany rice, fruit, crackers, m source pollution-free area of ​​Taihu Lake-quality rice products eight series over 300 varieties of fancy. Production of quality rice and natural seasonings refined, it preserves the glutinous rice is rich in quality protein and other nutrients, is more conducive to that absorbed by the body is not fat snack foods, it is almost free of the health hazards of coloring , preservatives and additives, such as tourism, leisure, ideal for drinking.
A strong sales network
Food exported to nearly 20 countries and regions including Japan and Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States and other well-known companies have established a good long-term partnership, the company relies on developing, manufacturing and Division I, management, the powerful advantage of the sales of 2004, targeting this vibrant market, strengthen the domestic market, Germany large companies in the market to seize a certain share.
The purpose of service
Enterprise has always pursued the concept of "integrity, efficiency, quality and dedication", created the glory of the German big business today in this era of market economy, Germany, adults will, as always, constantly continuing to forge ahead in the spirit and perseverance beyond the self, contributing to society.