The history of rice crackers
The rice crackers rice products as raw materials, a snack, the first from a well-known metric snacks in ancient Nara period because of the the Jianzhi sound and the state of the Penghu expansion like ARARE hence the name. Edo period after the cake cutting a small dry, baked fried to Penghu expansion before adding the sugar and soy sauce make it into the taste of food. The more advanced modern Japanese food rice crackers categories of products from not only tastes vary widely, even the shape of rice crackers is not relative to the similarities and differences, common both granular and pie.

Rice cracker was originally born as a simple family dim sum over many years many people have today. Need to increase rice crackers from the Meiji to Taisho become cordial and snacks as a mass, Showa later, compared with the general snack maker, a sharp increase in the number of rice cracker maker need reasons for the increase is m as a raw material, the main seasoning salty focus on tightly together with the preferences of the Japanese. With the development of manufacturing methods, there is significant progress, with the soy sauce, salt, seaweed, sesame seeds, oil, monosodium glutamate and other improvements. Seasonings to coordinate with the preferences of heart. 'Myriad gradually laid the historical status of rice crackers as the general public, refreshments!


Ancient rice cracker fried France
Pie rice crackers - fried rice crackers BBQ snacks, generally consisting of a general pancake class (Kanto, Kansai, two kinds) and salty pancakes. Salty pancake stems m ground into fine powder, stirring, caught flat stretch open after steaming, made from a variety of shapes and dried hardened side of the baking, while seasoned with soy sauce (ancient general eating salty), representative product of the times, grass and pancakes. Granular rice crackers - as Japan's ancient flavor from the Japanese era of the rise of glutinous rice to make offerings to the Nara period the farmers in order to pray for bumper harvest glutinous rice to worship the gods, after the farmers put the meter into the soil pot and bake into a daily snack This is now the source of granular rice crackers. To the late farmers will cut the cake the shape of elongated and then line dry a few days, while baking the side coated with soy sauce is broadly in line and pancakes, and gradually developed into today we eat rice crackers!


The development history of pancakes
Rice cracker of a very ancient history, the record is very difficult to find a clear, 935 Yuen Shun literary cake recorded a description of the pancake with fried wheat flour. To a safe pre-Nara period, was called candy child's snacks, the legend pancakes Kobo Daishi brought from on Tang developed of pancake pancake class and salts to the Edo period, after the former practice in the early Edo to knead the wheat flour and sugar together, using the steamer and steam, and then sprinkle a plum size, using bamboo diluted dry a wok baked surface. Is divided into the the tortoiseshell pancakes and the tile-shaped pancakes. Another salt pancakes rice farmers remaining steam frying, salt diluted to make a ring-shaped bamboo to dry after a few days with charcoal, to the mid-Edo disappeared for some time, culture, cultural affairs a bit in the temple on the sale of popularity, if this is the pancake of the Edo also be able to see at this point, Kishu Hamaguchi soldiers with the watering can to make soy sauce began in 1645, so this period of salt pancakes all useful soy sauce, salt pancakes in Edo Machiya Senju, Kanamachi Cai, fruit processing, the more the valley is very prosperous, the taste of soy sauce, hard pancakes are suitable for off East preferences.


Rice crackers Baike - Health

Eat rice cracker products healthy? - Can not be it surface temptation ARARE of pancake is very easy to digest food, where the starch is gelatinized phenomenon. Large all know that very hard raw rice, cooked, then it will become soft rice, which is a pasting of the phenomenon, the to do ARARE pancake is the second gelatinization, children and senior citizens to digest and absorb the relatively poor the crowd is only natural healthy snacks preferred!


Rice crackers Baike - body
Eat rice cracker products will not gain weight? - Rice fat beauty who are at arm's length. Rice, the concept of a new awareness in Europe and the United States, the main reason for obesity, sugar and fat excess and Dodo now the rice is no direct relationship. Speed ​​of modern life, fast-paced meals are fastidious about the quick step, which the stomach's digestive absorption by the undoubtedly were the burden of not want to obesity, the need for good chewing and chewing food will produce a lot of saliva to help ribs digestion while rib the brain activity!


Rice crackers Center - Dental
Eat rice cracker products will not decay? - Rice crackers sugar, less salt content and few natural enemies, sugar ARARE pancake teeth successfully growing children in terms of cavities based sugar and salt are scarce to eat is not easy to cavities. Rice crackers and the product does not contain general has pigment, preservatives and other compounds is a very healthy food, but also technical reasons, the salt tongue feel less flavor than the actual salt. Thus, even three high and people can also be safe to eat!


Rice crackers Baike - Save
The ARARE pancake into the container to save water is relatively small sealed generally be stored for 160 days, eat all you want, regardless of the time and place. Easy to carry out of town, travel, work and leisure time, parks, family, party anytime, anywhere fun to enjoy, like rice and we maintain long-term intimate relationship and dedication to raising our


Rice crackers Center - Technology
Rice crackers why inflation? - Like the balloon is blown into the air to expand the expansion. The rubber of the balloon is equivalent to the composition of rice crackers, and blown into the air force is equivalent to the evaporation of moisture in the rice crackers ingredients. Please understand that as the vapor volume expansion will inflate when the balance of these two kinds of force, it will burst when the force components than steam Zhang. For example, in the expansion when the scones touch with chopsticks, water vapor will run away to shrink the discount, rice crackers will become soft and taste in this case, the surface of the product will become rough, blasting because of too high water vapor the contrary would not be inadequate, such as rice crackers steam expansion, which means that the expansion of rice crackers. In fact the effect of this anti-decided an important quality of rice crackers, this is called the bread puffed like now, this puffing phenomenon is the basic characteristics of the rice cracker products

Rice crackers Center - taste
The unique taste of the rice cracker products come from there? - The smell of the rice cracker is a material relationship of the sulfur compounds and carbonyl compounds, sulfur compounds can make the taste of soft, carbonyl compounds can make lasting fragrance, where the formation of flavor components of sugars and amino acids, the smell of the rice cracker is due to the composition containing sugar and amino acids by heating the reaction!