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German big business concept

* Integrity

       Honest letter since ancient times, is the traditional Chinese virtues, there were 72 Magi, one of the great thinkers of Confucianism founder of and on behalf of Confucius Mr. Shen, a feminist pork back in the late Spring and Autumn only for the story of commitment to children and young. German adults to follow the traditional heritage of the ancient square with a sincere letter the heart of the production of food, we adhere to honest and based on the life to the letter based on the market!


* Efficient

      Time is money - we have been in Germany a large uphold the effectiveness of optimization efforts to maximize the benefits, for in the shortest time and effort to maximize the role and effectiveness, which is the goal we work hard to provide our customers the value of exceeding expectations the service-oriented saving your every second of every penny!


* Quality

      The quality is high-quality life - Tak always linger in the hearts of every German adults from each batch of Thai imports raw materials, auxiliary materials to the production process step process rigorous demanding not be lost, we firmly believe that consumers high-quality diet quality of life from the German adults every stick!


* Dedication

      Continued to forge ahead in the spirit and perseverance continue to better ourselves and pursue the goal of German adults, our community and society with the market and consumers open to mutually beneficial, we know that without your support and certainly will not have today to grow brilliant Tak drink from the source to our community to the dedication of the public welfare will implement in the end!