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Enterprise culture

* follow traditional insist to use high quality rice production prescription nutrition delicious safe and healthy food

* provides the high quality of the fruit taste better rice food to meet the consumer demand is our goal

* the traditional technology and advanced technology perfect union we adhere to the principle of food production technology: keep improving endless

* sincere hospitality standard defends business practices and moral do a with a conscience enterprise we promise: integrity, efficiency, quality and dedication


Our spirit

* to see the

* pioneer force

* often plow fishing

* Germany as the big


Our quality policy

 * "deda" quality is the symbol of all our promise so behavior and the products are "deda" quality reflect

* so that customer satisfaction is our most important quality standards

* let customers for we are full of confidence is our responsibility

* our commitment and products must and customer requirements and agreed terms are in agreement

* every time of delivery of the products to the future will promote the service is our persistence


Our mission

* enrich and develop traditional rice human food culture


Our development goals

* because your satisfaction and support just have our development, because we have had the development of development over!