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M feeds to know how much?
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Every day to eat rice, did you ever know different meters have different health effect? DE more take you into learning space, know the culture connotation of rice, believe that to you and your family health is very helpful.

Most nourishing is japonica rice

Daily used to do the ordinary rice and says rice japonica rice paddy or, translucent ovoid or elliptic, high white rice yield, when small expansion, but the viscosity. As a daily consumption meters, japonica rice contains the necessary human, starch, protein, fat, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C, calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the necessary for human nutrition, heat. Use cooked porridge with a regimen of japonica rice, in our country has a history of 2000 years, the first layer of japonica rice porridge porridge oil can fill rehydration pure, the human body to nourish Yin fluid and kidney essence is beneficial, the most suitable for the patient, mothers and the old man. Japonica rice spleen up stomach, with gas, nourish "Yin" nourish, in addition to quench it, solid im bored of diarrhoea effects, and can be used to taste weak, vexed thirsty, poor nutrition, after illness the disease such as the weak, but diabetes patients should note unfavorable feed more.